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1999 911 C4 Coolant Leak

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 32000;

Do I have a coolant leak? A puddle forms under the back wheel driver side, pretty much where the overflow tube is. The puddle forms only after I come back from a ride. It does not leak while not driven in the garage. The leak does not appear to come from the overflow tube, since the little tray surrounding the coolant container is completely dry (the tube opens up into that tray). The leak gets worse if I try to maintain the coolant level between min and max levels on the coolant container. If I let the coolant level fall just below the min level, the leak becomes minimal and appears to almost stop. The temperature dial is at the normal midpoint when I drive, so the actual cooling seems ok. But I don't like the puddle and the fact that the coolant seems to like to stay below the min level. I also don't understand the purpose of the overflow tube (if that is what it is). If the coolant cap is on tightly, from where is the coolant supposed to come that would empty through the overflow tube. Thanks. (The drip seems to come from a mesh type conduit right above the exhaust pipe, but not from the overflow tube, which seems to indicate to me that it is leaking from where it is not supposed to be coming from which is a bit of a concern to me).

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