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1999 996 air bag light on

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Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 49,500;

I have seen the discussion regarding the airbag light on Boxster and 996. This problem has crept up on my 996 coupe in the last 2 months, The first time the dealer turned off the light and it stayed off for week or two. the second time I had the dealer replace the battery as it was weak anyway. that seemed to fix it for a longer period of time. a third time the dealer cleaned the contacts on the seat belt buckles. it came on again today after about 3 weeks. i'm being told i can now try replacing the buckles but the real fix is to also do the control module along with some re wiring to correct the problem. needless to say i'm starting to get worn out on this and would like it fixed once and for all. I know from my research that at one point porsche had been goodwill replacing these items due to a known problem. today the dealer told me that porsche had stopped this practice for cars out of warranty and for non original owners. if i want the full fix it is quite expensive. 1-800-porsche confirmed the policy and was not as nice about it. what if any options do i have? it seems like something like this directly impacts safety (or at very least confidence in the car) and should last the life of the car. i would expect the manufacturer to step up on something like this (especially for what appears to be a known design problem) if for no other reason than to avoid potential legal exposure in the event of a malfunction. what's your take?

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