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1999 996 (and 986) won't start sometimes - solved!

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Vehicle Information: Year: Internet; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: all;

Thanks to some great work by Brandywine Porsche in Newtown Square Pa. I have learned the following....There are some drain plugs that allow water to drain out of front end body work of my 99 boxster. These drains get clogged and with wet conditions the security system control unit gets and stays wet. This causes the annoying locking out / ignition kill feature. No way to start car when this happens. Ignition totally killed by security system, until things dry out.Apparently there are "old style" drain plugs which my 99 has, and "new style" drain plugs which my dealer is installing.This seems to be the source of my problems!! on 07/03/2003 12:37:02 PMTo: Donald Subject: Re: HELP boxster will not startHi Donald,If it fixes itself again run do not walk to your dealer or someone else with a Porsche System Tester II and get it diagnosed. My guess is that it is a problem with the drive block/central locking system. There is no way to diagnose the problem without their tester.Bruce Anderson________________Hi Bruce - I have a problem that comes and goes.Every once in a while my "key less" remote does not work.Once I enter the car using the key in the traditional manor, everything work - except the starter will not "turn over" or even make a noise.I wait a day or two, then everything works again!!!I heard ignition switches were an issue on early models (mine is a 99) - could this be the issue?Its just so weird that the remote entry does not work either ..... ugh.One of those things I am sure will not occur once I tow it to the dealer.Help!!!!!Let me add more detailsIt resets (or what ever it is doing) after about 12 hours.The two problems - no start and no remote working ALWAYS happen at the same time.And right now, for the first time, In addition to the car not starting, the power windows will not roll up.The car is a manual. I checked all the fuses. I will try and Jump Start it tonight and try and roll start it if jumping does not work.ANY ISSUES WITH ROLL STARTING (PUSHING IT FAST AND ENGAGING THE GEARS)?

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