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1999 996 C2 Big Red Brakes Big Confusion


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 CARRERA 2; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 47000;

I am or was attempting to upgrade my 1999 Carrera C2 with Big Red brakes from a 2004 TT. My purpose was to upgrade the dynamic handling performance of the car. This car is primarily driven with spirit, early Sunday mornings through the Sierra foothills and mountains of California and Nevada. In summer where temperatures can rise to 115 degrees, I have seen brakes on fire at the bottom of a long and steep decent.Perhaps I am going about this bass ackwards, but I have already purchased the rotors, calipers and pads. My initial research with a local Porsche dealer resulted in the understanding that the upgrade was possible, but that it was probably not necessary. With this in mind I plunged ahead confident that the upgrade was an improvement, albeit a costly one. Subsequent research on the PCA and other websites has only resulted in more questions. My present understanding is the upgrade will require the following:Calipers/Rotors/PadsTurbo wheel carriers, front onlyTurbo bearings, front onlyUpsize wheels to 18-inchPCA recommends a change out of the master cylinder while Renns List says they are the same. Question 1) If the master cylinders are the same, why does PCA recommend a change out?Question 2) Is this parts list complete or are additional parts required?Question 3) If Turbo wheel carriers are required; will Turbo wheels also be required? (I understand there is an offset problem between wide and narrow body cars)PCA website seems to commend this upgrade to some 996 owners (see article 2003 996 brake fitments, 11/8/2004) while in other instances it warns that the upgrade is a detriment to handling due to increases in unsprung weight (see article 2002 C4 Cab Brake Upgrade, 6/10/2002)Question 4) is this consistent direction?My intent for this car is Thunderhill/Laguna Seca and Infineon drivers education and some light autocross. I am only looking for smooth, fast and fluid runs.Since I have already purchased the Calipers/Rotors/Pads I would really like to stay the course and finish the installation, but I do not want to degrade the handling. So if I have to stop the installation and, cut-and-run; I will.Please help. Thank you in advance.

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