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1999 996 C4 Axle Failure - Transmission

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C4 Cabrio; Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 13,500;

I think that you do a great job with the questions that come your way. Unfortunately, now I have one or two.While driving down the street, my wife heard a big "clunk" and the car lost power. Porsche of North Scottsdale (AZ) diagnoses the problem as: A loose left rear axle came free, and punctured the transmission. Transmission needs to be replaced and axle repaired; then, they will see if the damage to the axle requires additional repair/replacement. Cost: Over $5,000 assuming no additional axle damage. We purchased the car from a NJ Porsche dealer in approx 2002 with a certified pre-owned warranty now expired, but the car has been garaged in Scottsdale, AZ for the past year.Last year (less than 1,000 miles ago), this same dealer replaced the fuel pump after the car completely lost power accelerating from a red light, also in Scottsdale. As the car manuals are in the car at the dealership, I don't know where to look up the location of the fuel pump. In any event, I wouldn't know if the dealer had to release the axle in order to diagnose and replace the fuel pump last year, which if done would at least raise the possibility that the rear axle was not properly tightened after the repair.Can you tell me: (1) Where is fuel pump located and would a fuel pump replacement require loosening or release of the rear axle? (2) Does the current transmission diagnosis seem reasonable? (3) Does the cost of this repair by the dealer seem reasonable? (4) Is there anything else that I should be considering here before I let them repair the car?Thank you for your help.

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