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1999 996 C4 Clutch or Transmission problem? NEW INFO

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 996C4; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 26385;

Joel,When I start my car I am in neutral.I depress the clutch, turn the key and release the clutch. As I release the car starts to move seems to be in gear although it is in neutral(I can move the shift back and forth before starting). With the car off I can depress the clutch and go thru the gears although it seems to be quite loud.I dont think it is my linkage because of this. I have also put the car in reverse before starting but when I start it with clutch depressed and then release it does not go in reverse but it does not go forward either.It just makes a "noise" which does not sound good. At this point if I shift into 1st I can but nothing happens when I release the clutch,it just makes that "noise". When I go back into neutral and let off of the clutch I start to go forward again. Wondering how to narrow this down. It seems like when the car is started I am in 1st gear. From a previous post I have had continuing problems for over a year with my clutch involving Pacific Porsche(post 11/3/05)and have been back for a 6th time(believe it or not!) and hope my transmission is not now also involved.Any insight on this besides the TSB on the clutch which Pacific Porsche proports to know! Thanks

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