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1999 996 C4 coolant light


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 33,400;

I have a 1999 C4. Back in November I took the car for service and I reported that every so often I smell a whiff of coolant coming from the car. The temp has and still is perfect. At the time no problems were found. Now my "check coolant" indicator light comes on every time I drive the car and I still occasionally get a whiff of coolant. I took the car in to have it checked and I am being told 1) intakes to the radiator need to be cleaned and 2) I need to install an overflow reservoir bottle. Are you aware of any problem related to this and does it sound like I'm getting good information? As previously mentioned the car is running great and the temps have been fine. I have not seen one drop of fluid leak from the car and the coolant level is always full.Any thoughts?

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