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1999 996 C4 seatbelt buckles


Vehicle Information: Model: c4; Year: 99; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 24000;

i have reviewed some of the questions reguarding the faulty buclkes on the early 996 c4. mine is 1999 year. i bought the car in 2001-2002 while under the original warrenty. all buclkes had been replaced based on the the recordes forwared to me and passenger side while i owned the car again. i understand the porshe should replace this item no charge since there were at lest 3 versions and most importantly at least 2 bullentins put out on bad connectors (gold vs tin) in the buckles. the dealer where i bought the car refuses to do this because they say porshe refuses to do this. i thought that if there was a service bulentin put out on this and one bought the car under the original warrenty they were suppose to take care of this. what should i do?thank you.

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