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1999 996 CEL at high rpm in 996 3.4


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C4 Tip; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 37000;

I brought the car recently to my first DE at MAM in Iowa with GPL and had a problem with the car under hard acceleration where the CEL light flashed on almost every straight and then stayed on.I had another single CEL event about 2 months ago, accelerating on to a highway in 2nd around the high shift point. Currently, if I rev the car (even very gently) to above 6k, the CEL flashes.The dealer checked the computer and it shows a misfire on 2 and 5. He changed the plugs, swapping the plug wires and I put tekron in a tank in case of blocked/dirty injectors.But, it's still there on 2 and 5 and it's pretty much 100% repeatable, just hold down the throttle and wait for 6-6.5k tpm and on the light comes. One other thing is the car cut out on my pulling in to a gas station on my way to the dealer yesterday. While slowing down to the pump, it kind of struggled and while parked in front of the pump, it played around the idle point and eventually killed it-self when the rpm dropped below 200. It restarted just fine though and drove fine the next 100 miles to the dealer.The dealer is trying a new DME in case it's a computer issue. Any ideas?

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