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1999 996 Check engine light, DME Faults, 27 and 35


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 46400;

My 99 996's check engine light is illuminated. I had a local independent scan and clear the code. He said it was a nuisance code and nothing to be concerned with. As it did not effect the vehicles performance, I tended to agree with him. About 100 miles after the code was cleared it came back on. Since I was due for an oil change, I had the local dealer, Auto Palace scan it. It returned the following: DME Fault memory, Number of faults: 2. 27 Oxygen sensing range 1 Cylinder (1-3) and 35 Oxygen sensing range 1 Cylinder (4-6). The dealer mechanic echoed the independents assessement that this was a nuisance code. Well, it's more then a nuisance at $40 a clip to clear this code. Again the car's performance has not changed, it runs outstanding, no hesitation, no idle irregularities. The dealer mechanic did say that for about $400 they could replace some O2 sensors, but he was not sure that would fix it... The last thing I want to engage in is swapping parts, too expensive and not an exact science. Any help in pinpointing this would be very much appreciated.Thanks!!

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