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1999 996 Engine Dependability


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 22000;

I bought my car used (certified from Porsche) in May 2002 and it had 14,000 miles. I got a 12 month warranty from Porsche which has now expired. I just took my car in to Porsche for oil change and 15,000 mile check-up. It passed with flying problems. I have had no problems with my has been a gem. A sales person at a Porsche dealership recommended that I look into and purchase an aftermarket engine warranty from either "Great Lakes Warranty Corp" or "The Ultimate Warranty Corp". His reason was all the rear main seal problems that have occured with the 1999 996. Since then, I have read all the e-mail's regarding this in the tech section of this website. No doubt, rear main seals in 1999 996's have definitely been a problem. My question is, after 5 years and 22,000 miles with no problem, could this rear main seal issue still rear its ugly head??? I am trying to decide if the warranty is something I should really look into. Obviously, I don't want to spend that money if having a problem at this point is a remote chance. Do you have any advice???

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