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1999 996 engine, trans, and complete car overhaul & prep


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 110,000.;

Hello, i need to pull the engine from my 99 996. Does anyone have anything resembling a repair manual that would describe this step by step. I wanted to change the rings and hone the cylinders, replace main and rod bearings and maybe the valve springs, freshen up the seats ie regind valves and seats. 1. Where can i find these parts2. what should i do as far as updates for the rms issue (the seal was last repaced 30k ago during a clutch and has a slow but steady seap) Is there an update or machining fix for this RMS issue while the motor is apart?3. Are there any other 3.4 litre weak spots that should be addressed at this time, it has 110,000 miles on it so far with just routine maintenance.4. We are installing a Quaife posi in the six speed unit, and lower gears.5. Who is the best supplier for ring and pinions?6. While we are in the trani/diff cases what weak areas, mods, or updates would you recommend there aside from standard syncro and bearing work?7. Where can i find rebuild clearance specs or instructions?8a. Can the 3.4 litre cyclinders be bored out or sleeved to 3.6 or larger? Does the 3.6 top end bolt up? why dont we hear more about these basic over bore rebuilds ala 993?8. While in the motor can i order larger pistons from a piston supplier and some reground cams?9, If so is there a standard supply line for these parts?Ok thats 10 questions i numbered them so as not to confuse you on your answers too much.Were tearing into this car one way or another it would just be nice to have some experienced guidance on setting things up.Thank you for your patience.Oh two more?'s from my notes 10: so your going through the motor and trans and the suspension is already done what performance are available for the intake and exhaust systems that create power and not just noise?11. Regarding mounts, my engine and trans move around too much during throttle on/off conditions is there a firmer set of engine and trani mounts that i can run?and as far as the rear sub frame to unibody mounts are concerned can these be pressed out and replaced with new stock or firmer bushings?On the front and rear suspension links and control arms i was told the bushings and ball joints are not replaceable and you have to replace the whole control link or control arm with a new piece complete with bushing and or ball joint attached, is this true? You can't buy the bits and press them in an arbor press?thanks Joel, you can take your time on this one the more details the better so no rush, i didn't realize you were on the other coast. Oh almost forgot after installing the pss9's and 18 10's in back 8.5's in front what specs should i give the alignment shop for a set up? Is it common to adjust the weight resting on each wheel to the same value simply through height adjustment and corner weighing, it seems like it would have a pretty steep rake to get a 60/40 biased car to 50/50?

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