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1999 996 hard starting


Vehicle Information: Model: 911(996); Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 145000;

My 1999 996 has 145000 miles, with 55000 miles on the engine. Recently, after the car sat unused for 1 week, it refused to start. The battery was not dead -- the engine would turn over fine but not fire. After trying a few times over a few days, i relented and brought it to the dealer. He informed me that the engine was flooded (i guess no surprise given the muliple attempts to start it) and that it started once they held the accelerator to the floor while starting it. There were no codes to report except "misfire" codes.They concluded it was bad spark plugs. (It is true they hadn't been changed since the new engine was installed.) These were replaced and i was told if it happened again, to floor the accelerator pedal while trying to start it.All was good for about 2 weeks, then it wouldn't start again. I did as instructed, and the engine sputtered to life. I'm guessing the problem wasn't the spark plugs.Any ideas? Coil packs maybe?

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