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1999 996 intake mod.


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 19,500 mi.;

I've installed a modified intake utilizing the stock airbox but removing the internal muffler and 1 of the M.A.F. screens. I'm planning on swapping the stock filter with a BMF filter when the paper filter has a little more use on it. I'm asking about the holes drilled in the floor of the airbox by the factory. The two holes to the left side, closer to the cold air intake, are obviously for water drainage but the multiple small holes to the right of the box confuse me. They seem to be too high in the floor of the box for water drainage unless maybe you're driving through a monsoon. However, whenever you remove your filter you'll notice that the area of the filter directly over these holes will be the dirtiest part of your filter, not to mention the fact that this would also be a source of hot air intake which would decrease performance. I've seen other posts suggesting that these holes be plugged before installing a new filter. Is there any negative to this, and do you know what these holes are for? Thanks.

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