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1999 996 Miami pre-purchase inspection

Car Purchase

Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 68,000.;

I found a black on black six speed on line with 68K miles advertised for $29,000. I like the car in the pics, the mileage is a little higher than i would like but i am tired of looking for a low mileage blk on blk 6spd coupe. I can't go to Florida and wanted to buy the car but only after an unbiased inspection, a thourough one where they pull the wheels and the spare carpets and really look at the car for the buyers best interest as an attorney would review documents before his client signs. I live in Ca so i wanted to ask if either yourself or someone else may know a reputable detail oriented independent in Miami that can inspect the car and let me know everything from brakes and tire wear, to electrical issues, RMS, handling, noise or any signs of resprayed panels etc. That and any other advice you may have for a distant transaction of this nature, Thank You I appreciate the help and guidance. I forgot to mention the name of the Miami dealer in case anyone has had any experience with them they are Palmetto Sport Cars on W 8th in Miami. PCA members if anyone has heard of this dealership, good or bad, please reply to if that's allowed, thanks

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