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1999 996 OBDII info


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet;

As a result of reading an article in the NY Times on Sunday Feb 4, I became aware of a website that other readers might find helpful. The reference to the web site... (google :National OBD Clearing House) came from this article in the NYT. I went to the ODBII data base to find the connectors in my car.On the OBD web site,, I checked the Porsche link, see: and found the parts catalog for the Boxster, 996, etc, amazing amount of data for enthusiasts. see: PORSCHE Diagnostic Tools, Service Information & Collision Information. Go to for both emissions and non-emissions related information and factory tools and parts diagrams for all of the cars. Collision and body information is included in service manuals.As a flyer I tried to search on " :techinfo:" in the PCA Q/a and got nothing. That is when I suggested the link for the webmaster.My apologies for sending this by email, and for you taking the time to edit it together and post it as a Tech Question. I would be really up the creek with out the help of you, Scott Slauson, and the other volunteers for PCA.

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