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1999 996 Oil drip - not RMS


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 20,000;

A few months ago I noticed a slight drip in the engine area, meaning a couple of drips on the floor after having been driven, then sitting for few days. This was right after adding about half a quart according to the dash being about a "segment" low on the gauge. I thought it might be a slight overfill, as I did a Drivers Ed shortly after the half quart was added.However the drip has continued, and the oil guage is now a couple of "segments" low. Using my lift, I closely checked in the area of the engine/transmission junction, and it is dry. Looking up above into the engine area proper, I spot the oil source at what appears to be the crankcase ventilation housing. There is a plastic "bellows" (according to the parts manual diagram), which appears to have a "dent", for lack of a better term, with an almost wet oil film all around it (oil and grime), wet enough that there is oil dripping slowly onto the chain housing and off on the garage floor. Still only 2-3 drops after having been driven.Since this bellows is in a place where it would be unlikely to be hit by anything, I am unable to figure out what has caused this. The bellows is dirty enough that I can't actually make out a hole or crack. I am going to order a new part from the dealer before trying to remove the squeeze on clamps that secure it , as I am sure to damage it if I don't have a replacement at hand. It is in a pretty close and cramped area, and I really don't know what sort of tool to get at the clamps would be best to use.Do you have any experience with this type of problem? I checked the archives and got no hits with either "crankcase ventilation" or anything that fit under "oil drip".I have a photo posted on our Region's website: Heart O' DixieTotal Mileage: 20,000

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