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1999 996 Passenger side window opens to full down when ... UPDATED


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 19,494;

Last week, my wife pulled the passenger inside door handle to exit the car. The window opened to the full down position and would not return to up with console window switch. (The top was up and remained up during entire drive.) Upon return home, on a hunch, I gave the passenger side door a light whack with my hand above the interior door handle - then pushed the up switch on the console. Of course, the window went up perfectly. Same thing has happened a couple of times this week EXCEPT window continued down with only console switch. Did not open passenger door.Based on Murphy's Law, sooner than later I will be stuck with a down window. I NEVER drive this car in the rain but a stuck open window will bring a monsoon.Since the passenger door handle was not involved in last two incidents, I am thinking the problem is not related to the handle limiter that drops the window an inch and returns to full up to "snug" top of glass with cab top gasket.The dealer advised trying the window reset procedure ( ignition on, lower then raise window with console switch and hold in "up" position for 5 seconds until I hear a "click". No change. Not even sure I heard a "click" from either window. Driver's side operates normally.Your thoughts - window motor, regulator, limiter, intermitent window relay? Would a shot of contact cleaner into the console switch hurt as a first try?Your tech Q&A's keep me on the road and your depth of knowledge for these cars blows me away.Thanks, again.Body Type: CabrioletCar Prep: StockTotal Mileage: 19,494

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