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1999 996 Rear Fog Lights

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Select One; Total Mileage: 23950;

I recently acquired my first Porsche, an immaculate 1999 996 Coupe. The rear fog light(s) illuminates only on the left (driver) side. The dealer insists this is because the 996 is only intended to have a left rear fog light. In fact, they told me that "all German cars sold in the North American market have this feature." However, when I removed the right rear light assembly, I discovered a complete light fixture. There are wires to a socket, in a fog light lens, but no bulb. I installed a known good bulb, but it does not work. Is this supposed to be this way? It just seems strange that Porsche would go to the expense of installing the full wiring harness, socket and lens for a non-functional light. Color me confused. Thanks.

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