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1999 996 running slightly hot


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 37,000;

Joel,My car has been running a little hot lately not only on the track, but also just during normal driving around town. I did have an issue with the low-speed cooling fan not coming on, but have since had that fixed. As far as the operating temp goes, the car still tends to run a little hot as a lot of 1999 996's do. However, according to the dealer (and what I've read here in the tech q/a), it is running at the normal operating temp range. At its hottest, the gauge sometimes approaches the rightmost portion of the '0' in 180 (about 208-210 degrees). My real question is, to your knowledge, has there ever been a change in the thermostat design and/or would replacing it maybe help bring down the operating temp somewhat? Mine may be starting to go and could be getting a little lazy during operation. Or has there been a mid year design change to the cooling system itself that would account for the car temps being different?All of my friends 996's (not 1999's) all run cooler all the time, never approaching the temps that my car does. So, it doesn't quite sit right with me that 99's run hot, but other years with the same 3.4 engine (2000 and 2001) don't.Also, I will be putting in the GT3 3rd radiator over the winter and that should definitely make a difference. But, I am still thinking about replacing the thermostat too.As always, thanks for being there for all of us who need you.Marty

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