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1999 996 - White smoke, lots, both exhaust pipes


Model: 996, Year:1999, Mileage:90,000, Type of use:Street use only
Joel - seems somewhat similar to previous question - 03.10.2011: 1999.. 911 "Both Exhaust Pipes Blowing Smoke".It's been cold, below zero. Car kept in garage with rear of car (engine) right by the garage door. Haven't driven it in 4 days. This morning, hard to start (but I have a brand new battery). Started, then no problem. Parked car outside all day for 12 hours. Cold. Hard to start this afternoon. When started, tons of white smoke, both exhaust pipes. I thought it was just condensation smoke so drove it 5 miles to store. Ran fine. No warning lights. Temp AOK. Smoke stopped after 3-4 minutes. In store for 10 minutes. Then, hard to start. Smoke, again. Drove 1 mile home. Smoke stopped. Parked in garage. Funny smell, like firecrackers. Checked coolant - it's low. Can barely see it. A little spot of red/pink coolant around fill top.Ideas maestro?

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