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1999 C4 Cab IPOD, and Bluetooth solution for CDR-220 w/mute

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Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet;

I believe that the ideal bluetooth situation for CDR-220 is Parrot CK 3100 (unplug 1 radio plug, plug in the parrot wire, and then plug in the wire that was removed into the Parrot wire). The mute is easy also and plugs into that (so that the radio says "phone" and mutes automatically). Finally, just take some speakers and wire them to the line out of the Parrot and hide them. Works/sounds great and takes about one hour without any special adapters/plugs.For iPod, I use the Dension ice link which works with the CDR-220. It allows the radio to control tracks, play lists, etc. I put the ipod in the center storage area and put the phone controller below where the AC now lies (on the bottom). If someone is real ambitious, you can put in a Sirius Starbase (small controller) in the storage bin (mount with tape plastic backing) and "hard wire" it (no fm modulator) into the radio by buying a small dpdt switch (needs 6 metal plugs on back end) from radioshack for about $4. Cut wires 18/19 (I think, checkout the Becker CDR-220 manual) from the dension plug before it goes into the radio. Leave some wire to put electrical tape/splicing. Put the 2 wires(left/right) from the dension ice link (before the radio) with the line out wires (left/right) of the starbase into the radio shack switch). Then put 2 wires from the radio shack switch into 18/19 right before the plug goes into the radio (the aux adapter). This allows the switch to control 2 sources (ipod/sirius) into the radio (which just thinks they are MDC source) without any FM modulation. Additionally, the Becker can take full level impedence from the line out of the Sirius without any sort of grounding artifact. Hope this helps, but I take no responsibility if someone messes something up. Finally, if someone uses a Parrot CK 3300, this allows bluetooth GPS using a PDA with the previously installed speakers/phone mute.

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