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1999 Carrera 2 summer storage


Vehicle Information: Model: carrera; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 51000;

I see a lot in the tech section on cold weather storage for the 911 but nothing on the reverse. I plan to leave my 911 in south texas from 1 May until 1 December in a non-a/c garage where it could get to 115 F. I plan to put the car on tire cradles to prevent flatspotting and keep a float charger on the battery and also change the oil and filter but am concerned most about the fuel becauuse of the poor storage quality of modern day fuels. I plan to use up most of the fuel in the tank and then put a fuel stabilizer such as 'stabil' and allow it to circulate before shutting the engine down. When I return I plan to put 5 gallons of fresh fuel in before starting the engine. What is your opinion and what would you do differently? Also as this is my first 'modern' 911 and I have no idea of the reliability of these newer models should I consider the purchase of a platinum 4 year 48000 mile warranty for $3200. Thanks Jon S.

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