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1999 Carrera 4 Brass bits in motor oil


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera4; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 60200;

Yesterday I took my C4 out of winter storage and drove it to my independent shop in central Maine for an oil change. Today, the techs called to tell me that when they drained the oil, there were bits of brass pieces as residuum. This afternoon I went to the shop and found that not only were there bits of brass in what appears to be a reservoir (black plastic tubular piece), but also scattered throughout the oil filter. My mechanic says that there are few brass parts in the engine, and that it would indicate wear in one of the bearings. The final analysis of the situation is that the engine soon will be tot (dead).I've checked several forums to learn that the water cooled engines have had their share of difficulties, the most common of which relates to the death of an engine by oil/water mixture due to a leak in the gasket. I have learned that Porsche has been knowledgable of this problem, and has replaced quite a number of engines.I talked with Porsche North America this afternoon and their response was that because the mileage was beyond the 50k warranty, there was "no good faith policy" that is in effect for engines beyond the warrantied 50k period.My questions, then, concern the following:(1) Does the presence of brass bits in the oil indicate that one (or more) of the bearings is(are) the culprit(s)? Of, is there any other internal part that may be wearing providing the debris?(2) Has this particular engine failure been reported as a common incident?(3) Is there any recourse with Porsche N.Am. for an engine, used solely for the street, that is available when the mileage is beyond warranty?(4) Any suggestions for remediation other than the obvious of replacing the engine?Thanks for your help, Joel.

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