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2000 911 C4 engine


Vehicle Information: Model: 911-4; Year: 2000; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 72,000;

I have driven at the past 2 DE events at Watkins Glen. At the second event, when starting up for the second/subsequent track times, after it has been sitting after a hard run, a cloud (a LOT) of white smoke appears. It burns off after a few laps. I am not leaking oil, the tailpipes look good. There are no codes showing up. I am not leaking radiator fluid. If there is a smell, it is mild, diluted cooling fluid I suppose?I have read the previous postings on this subject. The car runs strong, no issues even while it is expelling clouds of embarrassing smoke on the warm-up lap, so I doubt I have a bad cylinder. Could it be the oil dipstick? The oil separator (I already had to replace the mass airflow sensor)? Head gasket (yikes!)?Should I be worried? Does my car have too many miles to be driven at a DE anyways? (I've been told this is not the case).Please advise - I want to run another DE! Thanks!

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