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2000 911 Fast idle at cold startup


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 2000; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 15,000;

--Sorry if you get this message repeatedly but there appears to be server issues on the site.Hi Joel, as always thanks for your words of wisdom on this board. Your responses are my favorite emails of the day.Living as I do in the northeast, it can get pretty cold. And, since my car is NOT a garage queen, I drive it every chance I get. My question pertains to cold starts as my searches on web forums reveal many varying opinions and I couldn't really find a specific answer on any of the PCA boards (I searched all the models for 'fast idle' and 'cold idle').What's the proper procedure for a cold (morning for sunbelters) startup? It's left me a little curious. Should one wait until the fast idle terminates before driving off? Should one start it and just drive off? I realize that in both situations one clearly wants to keep the revs minimized until the engine is warm. Basically, am I correct in thinking that the fast idle is just to burn off residue in the intake and cylinders after sitting in a cold environment or overnight? In other words, is it just an emissions precaution or a fundamental procedure for keeping the car running smoothly for years to come? Generally, if it's below freezing, I'll wait for the fast idle to slow, but I drive off immediately after starting if the temps are above freezing. Does this sound okay to you? Or, in both temps, should I just be driving off as soon as I'm ready to go?Thanks in advance!

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