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2000 996 3.6 C2 - PSM - Possible to completely disable for racing?

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Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C2; Year: 2000; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 80K miles;

I recently made all the wiring changes necessary to allow the installation of a 3.6L engine (7.8 Motronic) into a 3.4L e-gas (7.2 Motronic) chassis. Surprisingly, there are fewer than 25 changes that need to be made at the DME connectors and only two wires added for the valve lift controls. But my question concerns PSM on this car, which will be used only for racing. I know PSM can be disabled via the dash switch, but I understand that it will passively monitor the vehicle dynamics and become active in certain situations. Is there a way to completely disable PSM on this car, so that it will never interfere with the driver on the track? While there are two fuses (E9 & E10) that supply the PSM, there is also a shared supply (protected by a 50A fuse) that powers both the PSM and ABS. So it doesn't appear to be as simple as removing fuses. The owner's manual indicates that PSM will become active if the brake pedal is depressed. If it really isn't monitoring anything other than the brake switch, I can easily defeat that. But I find this hard to believe, as there are yaw and steering input and ABS conditions that I think PSM would also find interesting. Thanks in advance for your help.

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