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2000 996 C2 Transmission

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 47,000;

My 2000 C2 which I purchsed used in 2002 with 8,000 miles had the transmission get stuck in 4th gear at about 46,000 mile. Even though the car was out of warranty, thankfully the dealer replaced the transmission for only the cost of labor. As part of that the dealer also replaced the clutch and release bearing.After receiving the car there was a loud whinning noise in the transmission and it would frequently pop out of gear. I returned it to the dealer. They said they removed the transmission and e-aligned it. There was also rattling noise when down shifting. Like a loose tin cover.While the car exhibits none of the previous difficulties, there is still a slight whinning noise in the transmission under full acceleration, or at low rpms, with easy acceleration. While it is only a slight noise, it did not occur with the previous transmission. It is not tire whine as it only occurs specifically under acceleration. I can also tell the difference. It this normal with a new transmission, or could there still be an issue.Frankly this was my first porsche and I was very disppointed at having a manual transmission get stuck in gear. especially one that has never ben driven roughly, on the track.Sorry for the long note.All the best,

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