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2000 996 C4 different shocks on front and rear?

Suspension and Steering

Model: 996 C4, Year:2000, Mileage:87k, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Hi Joel,I have a 2000 C4 with 87k miles. So, when I heard that Koni announced they now have adjustable shocks for the 996, I ordered a set. I also ordered H&R sport springs. I had them installed this past Sat. The installer started with the rear, and then went to the front. When he got to the front, we realized that I had the wrong shocks. So he installed the springs and I started on my 220 mile trek home. The new springs and shocks, set on the middle setting, gave a smoother ride and better handling than I ever had with the car. It turns out that Koni shocks do not have a bolt hole at the bottom of the spring perch for the top of the end link to bolt up. The company I ordered the parts from immediately offered to take the shocks back for a full refund. I was told that I was the second person with this problem. They then immediately removed the Koni front shocks from their website.My question is, rather than replacing the rear shocks and get 4 new shocks, can I just replace the front shocks with something like the Bilstein sport shocks? The company recommends replacing all 4, and I think that is more of a legal answer than a functional/practical solution. After all, I have driven the car over 250 miles and I am very impressed with the ride, cornering, and handling with the 87k OEM worn out shocks. I am already miss-matched and get a great ride, why would different new front shocks be worse? Also, I like having adjustable Koni rear shocks.After several years of reading your postings on all things suspension related, I am interested in your thoughts on my dilemma. Oh, next on my list is to replace the sway bars. I have done one DE, last year at the Glenn, and I will hopefully do at least one per year.Thank you for your input.Fred Lamando

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