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2000 996 cabrio top opens by itself.

  • 2000
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
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Hi all,


This started this morning. Never happened before.

So I go out this morning to go to work and as I'm pulling out in my other car,.. I notice that the top and windows are down on my 2000 996 cabrio. During a torrential downpour of course. Not sure how long it was down. This was about 0815.  I had been outside at 0630 and the top was up and the car locked up fine. This rather sucked as it was pouring this morning and of course the inside was drenched. Close everything up and when I get home from work... after it's rained all day... My top is down again,with the side windows up. I AGAIN close the top and windows and go to pull the battery until I can figure out what's wrong... since it's still raining out and the side windows drop again as I'm pulling the negative cable nuts (this is with the car in gear and the parking brake disengaged).

I will assume that the top opened again about 5 minutes after I left in the storm this morning based on its opening so quickly after my closing it.

WTH??? This has NEVER happened before and of course,.. has to be pouring outside for it to happen,.. not the sunny days we had the few days before this rain. Any ideas anyone? I can't find anything on the top just spontaneously opening.. lots on it not opening... opening part way... not this.

I do most everythin on the porsche myself so I would like a direction, so I can start troubleshooting.


Thank you,



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