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2000 996 CEL, Code P1128


Vehicle Information: Body Type: Coupe;

I have had a CEL problem since last summer. I checked the usual sites for help and many have said : check the gas cap, oil cap, O2 sensor, MAS. (Been there, done that.) From the information I have seen on the web the problem points to a O2 sensor on cyls 1-3 precat. BUT some other web sites say it the fuel filter. I have the old style MAS (which I took out to clean) and have replaced the O2 sensor. I have noticed that the exhaust smell is 'cleaner' when the CEL is on. I'm at my wits end because I can't solve the problem. Gas mileage and performance don't seem to have been reduced at all with the CEL. No misfires and the engine runs smooth. I don't want to spend a whole lot of $ at the dealer and would prefer to do it myself, if you think it's possible. What do you think I could do to solve this?

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