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2000 996 cranks but will not start!

  • 2000
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
76 000

To start I have searched the forums. I deal in a lot of different cars and currently are having fun with my Porsches. I do most all my wrenching myself. Buy all the needed manuals and programming. With the prerequisite out of the way here is the dilemma. I purchased this car which had been to Motor Meister in CA. I got it with the engine removed. I purchased a salvage car and had the engine R/I into the body. The non Porsche shop did a good job, but they couldn't make the car start. They said it needed a fuel pump. I have my own rollback and told them I would be there to pick it up. After about 40 hours of my own labor of checking grounds, ignition switch, tracing wiring, etc. I found that (something odd in today's electronic cars) Porsche made 2 wiring harness plugs the same. On the left front of the engine one is for flywheel pickup and the other I think was cam sensor, can't remember. The plugs are exactly the same except one is white and one is black. The shop had the black in white and vice versus. I corrected and the car fired up immediately. The car runs great when it's running! The problem is that it may start fine for a month and then no start. Car cranks fine but wil not start. This was its symptom before I corrected the wiring. I have several diagnostic tools and their are no codes ever logged... I have swapped out the mass air and throttle body with known good parts. Car did have a mass air code but that has since disappeared. This is a chasing ghosts situation and just thought I would survey for input.      Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Car has been dead in the water for weeks now.....


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