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2000 996 Engine Noise on Startup


Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 10000;

For the last 5K miles or so, on a cold start the engine often makes a "ticking" sound for 30 seconds or more, but eventually stops. The dealer told me this is normal lifter noise in a 996, and one of the reasons Porsche switched to 0W40 Mobil 1. Recently when I started the car it made a VERY loud "ticking" or knocking noise. It seemed to decrease a bit after a few seconds but did not go away, and when rev'ed slightly it kept on ticking loudly. I verified that the oil level was within specs; the dip stick indicated about 1/2 quart low.I called the dealer and they said that the hydraulic lifters probably weren't getting "pumped up", due to the oil being diluted, as it had been almost a year (about 5k miles) since my last oil change. They recommended letting it run for about 5 minutes and if it still persisted, then reving it to about 4500 rpm for 30 seconds to see if the increased oil pressure would pump up the hydraulic lifters. I tried this procedure, and the car now seems fine, although I still occasional hear some slight ticking for short time when it's started. I'd like your opinion on whether the explanation from Porsche is plausible, or whether I have a serious mechanical problem that I need to have fixed.

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