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2000 996 Ignition Switch

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Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2000; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 70,000+;

Joel, I saw this response to an earlier question:Graphite powder is supposed to be the right thing for keys in locks, but I think it is not going to help with this situation I agree this is sounding like dealer-time. Here is what I have from Scott Slauson, our Boxster & CGT guy, the ignition lock & key system shares parts with the Boxster:"Should the switch be hard to turn or not turn fully then the complete ignition lock assembly would have to be replaced. Another ill effect of a bad ignition switch is the intermittent loss of users like the AC, radio, lights etc. The electrical part of the assembly was a common problem and could have been replaced. Porsche has since updated the part and requires the entire lock assembly to be replaced. The newer design is much better and should last longer."I brought my car to a local Independent shop. The said they are experts, and I asked them to fix the car. The part for the entire locking mechanism (less the key part) was over $400.00. Next, it took them a few days to get is "fixed". After it was fixed, the dashboard display for the digital speed no longer worked. I went up there to take a look because they were unsure what was not working right. I also noticed that they damaged the a-pillar while hacking at my car. I am frustrated and frankly angry with them. I told them to get my car working properly, but now they have damaged the car as well.Now for the question:How long should this ignition repair take, if it were a qualified person working on the car, and what would cause the speedo led to not work properly?I have the car fixed in the Springfield, VA area, and if you know of a good shop, please let me know as I have lost faith in the current one.Thanks, Andy

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