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2000 996 replacement keys

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Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2000; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 85000;

Joel,I saw the post by the poor guy who was charged $500 for a new key and the associated electronic mating. A few points: for my "1 key" used car, I paid $85 (mail order at Sunset Porsche) for the key shaft & $75 on eBay for a new key head. Hennessy Porsche in Atlanta charged $47.50 to program two of them for me while I waited. When I recently had to have purchase a new key head & mating from Hennessy (due to replacing the immoblizer computer), the total cost was still less than $200. Bottom line? Spend a little time and hop around to avoid getting ripped off.As to the possibility of finding someone with a used PST2 to perform the mating for you: it cannot be done by an indy shop. Part of the PST2 process requires a car specific code that must be obtained from PCNA .... and only the dealer can get that. So, you're stuck with the dealer .... but you can certainly shop around for a much better deal than this poster got. If you do purchase a key head from a secondary source, be SURE it comes with the bar code tag. You must have this. The lack of saving this tag is what required me to buy new heads when my immobilizer computer was replaced.

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