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2000 996 Want to play mP3's through my radio.

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 48k;

I would like to play mP3 files from an mP3 players output jack plugged into my Porsche Standard radio CDR-220 without the CD changer option. I used to do this with one of those cassette tape adapters inserted into a cars tape player and a cable hanging out plugged into the mP3 player.Is there a way to tap into the radios wireing harness and wireing up an auxilary input jack of some sort? Maybe there are cables pre wired into the trunk for the optional CD changer that are intended to be plugged into the CD changers output that could be used for this, if so, what is the wireing schematic and how to make the radio play from this source without physically having the CD changer?If you don't think this will work then what are the options for installing an aftermarket Radio (they are available now with built into the face auxilary input jack)? I've been told by dealer that removing factory radio interfears with the alarm and can be a problem. Does this sound right and are there work arounds?

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