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2000 C4 Front End Damage II

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 C4; Year: 2000; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 52,000;

Hi JoelThanks for the fast reply - and sorry for the multiple copies. After submitting the question, I received an error message screen that made me think the message didn't go through and you know what they say - try, try again. I won't inundate you again like that.Two quick followup questions:Is the outboard CV joint the one near the wheel? I think it's the joint near the wheel that needs to be replaced, so that would explain the $727 in parts/labor indicated for this item.This will probably seem like a dumb question, but with respect to replacing two upper strut bearings at 5.5 hrs of labor, is my assumption correct that this would be for the right front and left front? If so, is it common to simply replace the left side when replacing the right side? Although the part isn't expensive, it's only the right side that's making the noise, so it seems odd to pay an extra 2.75hrs of labor to replace a part on the left side that isn't broken.Regarding RMS, I ruffled the feathers of the service manager when I asked the same question in front of his boss, but his only response was that he didn't like what I was alleging. In the end it was fixed, so that's all I cared about. One point you may find interesting was the price for this repair listed on the invoice. I thought it would have been a $1,000+ repair bill, but the invoice lists just $11.21 for the seal and just over $500 for labor, including the 1/2 hour of time to clean the transmission while removed. Is that on the low end of repair bills you've seen for this item? I'll be sure to send Bruce a note.Thanks againGerry

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