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2000 self applying brakes


Vehicle Information: Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 59,400;

Had a recent problem with my car with 59,400 mi.On a long down hill on the Interstate in Vermont [had been driving for about two hours 100 mi +/- and 350 mi the previus day] approx 72 mph in 5th the car felt like it was loosing power. Maybe fuel line freeze up or electrical / ignition ? Temperature 10' F +/- and 1/3 tank of gas. Down shifted into 4th to keep RPMs up. The problem seemed to disappear with in 1/4- 1/2 mi. Stopped for gas 60 mi latter added 10 gallons Super for the last 200 miles home. About an hour latter similar problem.pulled on to shoulder as the car felt like the brakes were applied. Finally made it to the exit approx 1-2 miles after giving up on the State police / no cell signal in an hour with three periods of letting the car / wheels cool down.Slight smell at the front wheels and noticeable 1/16th 1/8" ridge on the two front rotors. Pads about 3/16ths left.The car was able to easily coast down a slight down hill on a state highway without any noise. But I called AAA for the last 115 miles home.It seems to me that something caused at least the front brakes to self apply??Would appreciate your thoughts.

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