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2001 2.7 engine rattle


Model: Boxster 986, Year:2001, Mileage:101400, Type of use:Street use only
My 01 986 has now 101,000 miles and has developed a loud rattle/ kock that has me worried. At idle there is just the injectoring barely audible ticking. When I go to accelerate from a stop I get this "knocking/ pinging/ rattle" The car doesn't feel like anything is wrong, fuel comsuption is normal as is oil, no check engine light or any other light on the dash comes on at all. Oil is 0-40 Mobile 1 and is changed every 10k miles, the tech said the oil was darker due to me adding Zmax. There is no silver film or metal in the oil at all. Car drives just great, just have this loud noise on acceleration. Sounds like leather against metal or metal against metal. What would make this loud clacking noise, but not affect engine performance, oil and fuel comsuption. A friend who builds Porsche motors says it sounds like a spark plugs has worked it's way loose, will check it tomorrow.

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