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2001 996 C2 brake update


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C2; Year: 2001; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 48,000;

Saw the question about brake malfunction. Just thought I'd chime in after a year of tracking since I started having my particular problem. I had a similar problem and wrote here where heavy late brake application (not above 100MPH in my case, but close) would occasionally not work where it felt like slipping on ice on initial application. I had the OBD port checked w/ no error codes. No particular problems on inspection. So I modified my braking technique to squeeze it on rather than jam hard into the ABS. It still happens on occasion when I revert back to very late braking even though I'm using Pagid RS19's now. I'm OK w/ it knowing the brakes will be fine if I release and push again. OK, the line gets messed up, but this tactic has not failed. I can't possibly be the latest or hardest braker around, so I check here occasionally to see if it's happening w/ other folks. Nice resource here...

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