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2001 996 C2 comment and update on my RMS experience


Vehicle Information: Model: C2; Year: 2001; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 43,000;

Hi Joel,Not a question - just a comment and an update on my RMS experience to encourage all those who are concerned about a 996 purchase due to all the RMS information out there - my advice is BUY THE CAR! Bought mine out from under warranty, 4 years old, 16,000 miles. Thought I was probably ok but RMS appeared at 19,000 miles almost one year out of warranty. PCNA did the repair no charge. Now at 43,000 and RMS has not reappeared but I concluded shortly after I bought the car that the car is such a great car that even if RMS reappears every few years, I will live with it. The car is that good. Hey, old British cars leak oil all the time not that that's the standard Porsche should try to beat. Yes, it shouldn't happen and Porsche should have dealt with it openly but none of this changes the fact that this is still an awesome car. I judge companies not by whehter they have a problem or not but rather by what they did about the problem. In this case, I would have to give Porsche high marks for doing the right thing. MW

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