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2001 996 C2 Front Bumper Removal


Vehicle Information: Model: C2 Carrara; Year: 2001; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 51160;

I have checked the archives regarding the removal of the front bumper cover and there is plenty of info for DYI on its removal. I want to have a local body shop do some paint work on the bumper and front quarter panel. They tell me that if I remove the bumper cover and front head lights it will save me about $250 in labor. I have no quams removing the bumper as I want to clean the radiatiors out anyway, but can I safely drive the car to the body shop with the bumper and head lights removed without damageing the fender liners and anything else attached to the bumper cover? I only have to drive about 3 miles and the route is relatevly quiet without requiring highspeed travel. Thanks, I really enjoy your comments on this forum.

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