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2001 996 C2 starting problems

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 c2; Year: 2001; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 21000;

Hello, I bought a CPO 2001 C2 three weeks ago and drove it 100 miles back to my house. When I went out to start it about an hour later the car wouldn't start; clicking noises. Seemed like a bad battery but I had just driven it so that didn't make sense. When I had started the car that morning it seemed a little weak but the salesman assured me it was ok. Jumpng didn't work so the car was flatbedded to dealer. They said battery was fine but replaced starter motor. Everything was fine until today.This morning the car started a little weak again. I drove it 25 miles, turned car off for literally five minutes, got back in and same problem. Car wouldn't start. More clicking noises, flshing dsh lights and windows started going down but not even the slightest sound of car turning over. I tried jumping it but it didn't work. While I waited for flat bed I noticed the hazzard lights were getting pretty weak (makes me think bad battery again, but that doesn't make sesne as car was just driven for a while).It is now midnight and the car won't be looked at until tomorrow but I am concerned that this recurring problem is not getting properly diagnosed.Do you have any suggestions?Thank you so much

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