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2001 996 C4 Running Hot


Vehicle Information: Model: C4; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 46000;

My 2001 C4 has run hot in the summer since I purchased it 2 years ago. The needle will hit the 210 degree hash mark when the car is driven on warm days, and driving uphill in the mountains it will even go past 210, to 230 or so. When I drop the rpms and turn off the air, it will return to 200-210. I took it to an independent shop in Denver and they replaced the LF radiator stating I had a leak and charged me $800, but it still runs hot. I just put 700ML of water into the reservoir, only 500 miles after the repair was done. There is no leakage visible under the car. When the car starts after sitting for a few days, the exhaust does smell a bit sweet, and some white smoke will be evident from the exhaust for a minute or so. Another mechanic has me opening the bleeder on the resevoir after the car cools enough, and releasing the cap and pressure each night to bleed the system, adding water in the morning as necessary to top it off. So far, I have not had to add much water but I have not driven it aggressively in the heat again. The coolant resevoir was replaced several years ago as it was leaking.I live at high altitude, 10,000 feet, so up here it usually never gets that hot, but when I take it down to Denver on a very hot day, it almost always runs 210 or higher. Do you have any clues why it would run so hot, and what happens to the coolant to cause the level to drop? My "oil" level is not increasing, but the car has never burned oil either. Thanks in advance as usual, Joel.Terry

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