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2001 996 Cab Extended Warranty Performance


Vehicle Information: Model: Carerra Cab; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 33,000;

I know that you are interested in extended warranties, so I am writing to let you know that I just had to use mine "big time" and it worked.On December 19th a catastrophic "bucket of bolts" noise ("loud rattling noise" on my work order) greeted me, when I started my car in my garage. After it arrived at the dealer on a flatbed later that day, it was diagnosed with a broken timing chain and would be needing a new (reconditioned) engine. As the service manager put it, "You are going to be glad you bought that extended warranty!"The warranty company didn't get around to inspecting the car until the following Tuesday, and it was after Christmas that approval came that they would cover the costs with some exceptions. These were (read the fine print in your policy) that they capped the hourly rate at $110 (it is $119 at the dealer) and they would only allow 12.8 hours of labor (Porsche specifies 15.5 for an engine replacement). At first they declined to cover consumables (oil, petosin, coolant), but they relented after my service manager went to bat for me with them. The service manager also split some of the "excess costs" with me, a benefit of having purchased the car and the extended warranty there and being a loyal customer, I am sure.Once the new engine came in, the car was ready in two days - January 8th. Since I had the loan of a new Cayman while mine was in the shop (love your service manager), the extended period for approvals and getting the engine did not turn out to be an inconvenience.All in all, it cost me just under $500 including my deductible for the engine replacement.I would also like to mention that due to being a subscriber to your tech q&a section, I had no hesitation over accepting the reconditioned engine, since you have covered this subject several times.Hope this is of interest to you.

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