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2001 996 Carrera Areokit


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 Carrera; Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 124,300;

Joel,Regarding the question about aerokits for a 996 Cabriolet. I have considered the same question this person has before them and this is what I found out.Mike Shaw of M.A. Shaw and (same company, two web sites) in California has a number of wings, side fairings and noise clips to suite your fancy. He can supply almost anything. The biggest problem will be to make sure the items you purchase are good quality parts. Mike's are of the highest quality what ever you buy. In fact, some of his panels may rival the factory body panels. FVD in Pompano Beach, Florida> also has body panels and the wing needed to make the aerokit1 for a cabriolet. This wing was designed for Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach, Florida around 2000, but the quality is not very good. A good body shop will need to prep the fiberglass wing before any paint is applied. Also, the original design of the aerokit#1 wing for the coupe needs to be compressed in its vertical height to clear the clam shell door that swings up and back to allow the top to retract or deploy. Subsequently, the wing does not look very aerodynamically effective as the aerokit#1 for the Coupe. There are three Porsche cars with this wing that I've seen at Champion Porsche dealership from time to time. They do not look as good as you might think they should because of the compressed look. A photo of this wing is on the FVD site for review.There is another wing MA Shaw offers and it is called the "ERS" wing which was designed for European cars around 1997 for 993 cars and adapted for the 996 by MA Shaw. It looks similar to a 1988 Turbo "Whale Tail" with a low profile, BUT as I have seen also at Champion, there are no louvers or openings to allow air to be picked up by the engine air intake system. That's not so good!There are companies around the world selling Porsche body parts made in China. The Chinese plastic body panels will lose there shape in time because they are not thick enough to keep their shape. A very bad thing to happen when you spend so much big money. The other thing to remember is RESALE VALUE! If you install a body configuration like a turbo wing on a "narrow body" car, it will be out of balance with the rest of the car and will not be correct for resale. Remember, the Porsche factory put these body panel combinations like the aerokit1 and aerokit2 through wind tunnel testing for a good reason.Good luck hunting for the best aerokit.

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