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2001 996 Engine Overheat


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 16000;

I bought a 2001 911 Cab about a year an a half ago. After just 2000 miles my car over heated going over a mountain grade on the way to work one morning. Before I knew it the engine temp gage was pegged, the red light was on next to the last hash mark on the gage. I was in the middle of nowhere so I let the engine cool, started up again drove it about 3 to 4 miles before the needle was at maximum again. This time I was somewhere to call for a tow. Long story short it turns out I had rats getting into my garage / the chassis of my car. They eat holes into my air snorkel, radiater water hose (engine compartment), and even my headlight pop up washer hoses.The hoses and snorkel was replaced but since that time I have noticed the engine temp gage reads straight up on occassion while I'm driving even on mild temperature days the needle goes past the half way point almost to the second to the last hash mark(red light point). If 12 noon were straight up and the last hash mark is 2PM, it would be about 1PM.Is this still normal operating temperature for the engine? Have I a done irrepairable damage?Should I be worried? I should mention the needle does not stay there, half the time the needle does hang around the half way mark (straight up). I know have approximately 16k miles.I'd appreciate any input.

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