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2001 996 Porsche Door Panel Trim


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 42k;

Can anyone explain to me why it is taking in excess of 2 MONTHS to get an interior door panel trim for my 2001 996 cab.The idiotic engineers design the car so that if the passenger airbag deploys the entire interior door panel has to be replaced. They do not keep these in stock and as such have to be manufactured on an as needed basis and match all the specs by VIN.I was in a moderate accident that had no door impact but set off the passenger airbag. I have now been waiting 2 months for part and see no end in sight. Car is sitting at shop for 3 months now. The Polaris system that Porsche uses provide ZERO insight into when a part will be built and sent out.Does Porsche wait till they need to build a bunch before they bother building mine???? Please explain why it is taking them months to create this part. The entire car could have been rebuilt in the time it is taking for a simple door panel.I was becoming a Porsche fan but at this rate I will never buy another one again if it takes 3 months to get a simple part replaced that has totally incapacitated the car. Can anyone shed a better light on why this occurs this way??????Thanks,DM

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