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2001 996 rattle


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 coupe; Year: 2001; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 135300;

I have a mystery rattle that is somewhat unusal and I thought maybe you've incountered it before. I've had the dealer, my regular mechanic, and the guy who does my suspension work check out the problem without success. All of them hear it clearly, but can [not] figure out what's cusing it.The rattle ONLY happens in warm weather and ONLY after the engine reaches 180+. In the winter, it's quite [quiet] and in the summer, it's quite [quiet] until the engine temp exceeds 180. It sounds like a muffler hanger is broken and the tail pipe is tapping against the frame. It seems that when something get hot and expands, it make contact with something. Everyone has checked out all the suspension, panels, etc and all are tight. It sounds like it's coming from the left front of the car. Any thoughts? Thanks. John

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