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2001 996 Sirenlike sound when going fast


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera 2; Year: 2001; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 72000;

Bought my car used past July. Was told by the dealer that the windshield had been replaced.No problem with windnoise. In Sept I had to replace windshield cuz my son cracked it by accident. Had it replaced for approx $450.Noise never really went away when i go at hi speed or very windy outside. I called windshield co and they sent out someone who "adjusted" the windshield. I took a ride and the sound was gone.Lately, with the windy days and my occasional "racing with the airplanes at LAX when they land" the sound has returned. It literally sounds like a siren. When I first heard it I had turned down my radio and thought I was being pulled over by the police!One last piece of info. When I purchased the car there was a problem with the piece(s) that fits above the hood and where the windshield wipers are seated. It was not level because one of the washers was bad and was not holding down the drivers side part. I went to Pacific Porsche and ordered and entire new part(there are actually two) Perhaps they did not install it so that the car is aerodynamically sound. It seems level to the naked eye but doesnt look perfect.Anyway, any input greatly appreciated cuz occasionally I like to go fast without thinking I am being chased by the fuzz!!!!!!!!!Thank you,Scott G

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